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Business People Need To Master:

pricing, sku’s, distribution, media, their content and data.

Is your product data out of control?

Have you ‘outgrown’ your e-commerce?

Do your people spend more time updating than creating?

Get control of your data!

Master your content everywhere!

Build Better Product Experiences.

Build it flexibly and fast.

Engage Your Customers wherever they are in the personalized way they need!

Using Pimcore and CoreShop, we devise the best solution – not a cookie cutter approach. We do it faster, which also means less expensively. Find out how our solutions can make a positive impact for you.

What's CoreShop?

CoreShop is an extension to the internationally popular Pimcore Experience Manager providing a best-in-class eCommerce framework for creating exceptional and highly flexible B2B and B2C eCommerce experiences. CoreShop consists of a component-based development framework to flexibly create highly individual eCommerce and transactional digital experiences for demanding enterprises. Uniquely flexible, you choose how to use CoreShop, benefit from the components, integrate selected bundles into existing or new Pimcore applications or build your application on top of CoreShop.

CoreShop is constructed from fully decoupled and flexible e-Commerce components for PHP. It is a set of Symfony/Pimcore bundles, integrating the components into a full-stack framework. Pimcore is the highly awarded open source enterprise application and extended with CoreShop consolidates all relevant functionalities to form a complete eCommerce ecosystem and digital experience. This dramatically reduces the time-to-market and delivers an amazing ROI by integrating CoreShop eCommerce framework with Pimcore’s PIM/MDM, CMS/UX and DAM into one consolidated platform.

The Digital Experience​




Every Digital Experience needs a single source of truth to be exceptional!

A single source of truth for all product related data and digital assets is mandatory to effectively corroborate consistent, accurate and timely information for communicating across multiple output channels such as websites, web-to-print catalogues, omni or multi-channel ecommerce, mobile applications, newsletters, email marketing, social media, and kiosks.

To be exceptional an organization needs a solution that allows frequent updates to a wide array of projects, brands, locations and channels that all have vastly different characteristics and attributes with new ones being thrown at you all the time. 

The answer is an automated master data management process, eliminating the time spent on manual processes and allowing time to work on profitable business initiatives.

When you combine CoreShop’s “ImportDefinitions”, “Process Manager” and “API Bundle” with Pimcore’s “RESTful API”, PHP API and Pimcore’s “Import-/Export Toolkit” you have full-featured, two-way real-time communication with all other systems. (ERP, CRM, BI, ESB, and eCommerce engines like Magento, Drupal or Sitecore or any external 3rd party application.

Manage every aspect of each master product record including hierarchy, structure, versioning and enriching master data with attributes, descriptions, documentation and other related data components. Now include data quality and completeness into your workflow to unite all product, marketing, vendor, and customer information into a consistent, central source to communicate across any B2C, B2B or B2G channel and deliver outstanding, personalized and exceptional digital experiences.

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