5 Ways to Grow Customer Loyalty

As a retail owner sometimes it might seem like the best way to grow your business is to find new customers. However, studies show that it costs around five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Now that you know this what are the best ways to grow customer loyalty so that they keep coming back?

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

More and more sales are coming through mobile these days. It isn’t showing signs of slowing down and if you want to be competitive then start optimizing your site. It’s worth the time and money and customers will love you for it. Customers always want a smooth experience, anything that slows them down upsets them.

Create A Mailing List

Loyal customers want to know when the biggest and best deals are going on. If they miss it, then it will upset them, and you might lose a valuable customer. Having an email list where you can blast the latest deals with existing customers can bring in some dramatic sales.

Call To Action

Customers love the convenience of online shopping, and nothing is more convenient than a “Buy Now” button that simplifies the checkout process. Customers like the power to click and go. A call to action can also increase customer impulse buys.

Make Returns Easy

Number one way to anger a customer? Make returning an item a chore. If customers can return things easily, then they are more likely to return. Make this process hard and watch your loyal customers never return.

Stay on Brand

Customers love feeling like they’re a part of something bigger than them. Managing to create a brand that customers love to use can drastically change your business. Straying from the brand loses trust among you and the customer. 70% of customers are reported to recommend a brand if their experience was consistent between all channels of the brand.