B2B Conference with Brian Beck, Scott Taylor, US Manufacturers

HOUSTON, TX June 8, 2020 – – The upcoming B2B e-Commerce Success Conference on June 24th will feature Brian Beck, author of “Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce” and Scott Taylor, “The Data Whisperer”. The conference for US Manufacturers will also include Trish Keller, CTO for Citizen Watch, experts in B2B Supply Chain, Software Technologies, Logistics and more. As US manufacturing regains its strength, the conference will provide strategies for agility, online market expansion, and overcoming obstacles caused by COVID19.

“This conference is so unlike other B2B conferences in that its all about the Manufacturers, their needs, their struggles. They will have direct access to B2B experts, those in the trenches with them, partners that have succeeded despite COVID19 and that continue to grow,” says Rob Neumann, CSS Commerce Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer.

“Providing US Manufacturers with tools to help them become more agile, help them in their processes so that the end customer benefits from a great experience, is key as B2B explores new markets post COVID19”, adds Dick Brunebjerg, founder and CTO of Perfion, Inc. Perfion along with CSS Commerce are the key sponsors of the virtual conference, “We are looking forward to hearing from a manufacturer like Citizen Watch and some of the strategies they had implemented with exciting results.”

Manufacturers can register for the free 4 hour conference.