Behavioral Targeting with PimCore

PimCore makes behavioral targeting intuitive by making the creation of user groups and tailoring content to those user groups simple. Through aggregating data about all of your users, you will be able to find which groups of users take which paths through your website. This makes it easy to tailor content to those different user groups based on their behavior.

But First, What is Behavioral Targeting?

Behavioral targeting is the practice of tailoring your content and advertisements to specific groups of users. This can mean your product information descriptions are different based on who is looking at them, whether you show specific popups to specific users, or your featured blog posts are based on who is looking at your site.

As you can imagine, tailoring the information you are showing to specific people will increase engagement and sales. Everyone has had the experience of thinking a product was made exactly for their needs. Behavioral targeting is how those companies achieve that feeling.

So, How Does PimCore Implement Behavioral Targeting?

Initially, you will need to create various target groups within PimCore that are tailored to certain users. Once you create these target groups, PimCore will collect data on these specific groups based on how they browse your website, and various demographics of that group.

Now that you have those target groups, you can set up global targeting rules that will automatically tailor your website and content to those target groups. PimCore’s global targeting rules can be extremely powerful.

You can use global targeting rules to direct users to specific pages or use code snippets to create dynamic responses based on how your users engage with your site. These rules can be tailored to the browser, country, GeoPoint, device, language, operating system, referring site, search engine, target group, time on site, URL and what pages your user has visited.

These targeting rules can then be set to specific target groups for further personalization. This means you can tailor content to specific people and then display that content at specific times based on their behavior.

Once you have your target groups and rules set up, you’ll want to then create specific documents for those groups and actions. PimCore makes this very easy with their system for creating personalized documents.

You can take your existing documents and alter them for specific target groups. This allows you to tailor your webpage to each user. With these documents you can then choose to show different documents, advertisements, and discounts based on the actions these users take.

By implementing behavioral targeting into your website, you will be able to create a unique experience for each visitor. Instead of your website acting like a banner ad on a forum, it will act like an experienced salesman on your shop floor.

If you want to read more about behavioral targeting, check out PimCore’s full guide to using their system for behavioral targeting.