Benefits of Digital Asset Management

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Marketing today is about getting as much content in front of as many eyeballs in as many ways as possible. Or is it about getting the right content in the right form to the right people at the right time? Whatever your school of thought, Digital Asset Management helps you do just that and more. CMO’s top priorities are marketing ROI, customer retention, brand loyalty, positioning and differentiation and customer satisfaction. 

That’s a lot of highly level mumbo-jumbo but honestly, how can we work toward any of these top marketing priorities without being able to effectively control, repurpose, and measure what is the lifeblood of our marketing, our digital media and brand assets. 

You see, DAM makes it possible to make sure your busy sales reps and marketing partners can easily get the latest and greatest assets so they can work harder and smarter for you. It allows you to centralize, organize and tag assets from agency A and agency B so you know exactly what you have and where it is. DAM allows you to make sure your channel partners can access assets intended for their markets and not those they don’t need anyway. 

When you need an asset for a print brochure, PowerPoint presentation, webpage and Facebook posts, you can make sure you get the asset repurposed and convert it to the right format for each medium automatically. No thinking, no blinking, just click and download. Meanwhile, you can prepare and collaborate on entire collections of assets for your next campaign securely in the same location. 

Need to know what’s working for you? Who’s using your stuff? Where? And how? That’s easy. All the intel you need is in DAM 

Video Credits to: digitalassetmanage