Benefits of PIM for Magento

How PIM Will Solve Your Magento Issues

One of the biggest complaints with Magento is the difficulty of managing and organizing large data. The quick growth of eCommerce has allowed successful eCommerce stores to quickly expand. If you are using Magento for your eCommerce store while rapidly expanding, you might have noticed your website slowing down and managing your SKUs has become very cumbersome. Integrating PIM with Magento will solve all of these issues and more.

Managing SKUs with PIM

So, how will PIM help you manage your SKUs within Magento? PIM works by providing a centralized hub for all of your product information. This includes information from your ERP, suppliers, media servers, procurement, and even your marketing team. Through centralizing all of this information, PIM successfully provides an accessible means to look at all of your product information to make informed decisions.

If you feel one of your suppliers keeps missing their delivery dates, PIM allows you to quickly pull that information and find out exactly how often that supplier is missing their delivery dates. Or maybe your marketing team has been using outdated information. With PIM your marketing team will be able to quickly pull up all of your product information to ensure they are only releasing accurate information.

By integrating PIM with Magento you won’t have to rely on Magento’s bulky product management process.

How PIM Speeds Up Magento

Integrating PIM with Magento isn’t only great for your internal business processes, it will also speed up your eCommerce site. If you’re considering integrating PIM with Magento, you probably already know the importance of having a fast website. A slow eCommerce site leads to abandoned shopping carts, high bounce rates, and user frustration. If you’ve noticed your site slowing down as you grow, PIM could be the answer.

Overtime Magento sites become extremely bulky as they grow. This is caused by the cumbersome way Magento manages product information. Simply put, it’s all over the place. By integrating a PIM solution, like Pimcore, to your site the product information will be stored in one centralized hub for Magento to access. This will significantly clean up your Magento site while making your product information easier to access and manage.

B2B eCommerce With Magento

Magento was designed as a B2C eCommerce solution. This has lead to issues for B2B users of Magento. One of these issues is managing multiple web stores for your B2C and B2B needs. A B2B buyer will need different information on your products and checkout options like term accounts. The difficulty in managing these web stores is ensuring inventory and purchases are coordinated between the two. Pimcore offers easy integration into Magento with solutions to these issues.

PIM solution will manage all of the sales and inventory between the two web stores are managed on one central hub. This ensures when you are looking at stock, you are seeing your real inventory based on the sales of both web stores. By integrating the product information on both web stores data based decision making also becomes easier. You can now get a holistic look at your product information for both your B2B and B2C stores.