Reinvent & Automate Your Business Processes
Deliver automation projects rapidly, continuously and increase visibility
with the Bonitasoft open-source Digital Process Automation platform.
Bonitasoft Digital Process Automation

Bonitasoft’s open source Digital Process Automation platform helps you continuously and rapidly deliver automation projects. By offering deep collaborations between professional developers and users, Bonitasoft brings rapid development and integration for the solutions you need most. Bonitasoft Studio uses a simple drag and drop design to quickly build out the automation logic for developers to implement. The Wysiwyg (What You See Is What You Get) Bonitasoft UI Designer enables responsive user interfaces with quick integration into your enterprise technology stack through the use of connectors and REST APIs.

The Bonitasoft Portal gives you immediate access to deep analytics on all of your business processes, tasks, and API calls. This will show you exactly where your errors are happening and which areas you should focus on for full scale optimizations. Once you implement a solution you can monitor both historic and real-time results to see how the solution is performing. You can even predict likely outcomes through a state of the art AI analytics system so you know exactly what to expect. It can even warn you about potential risks so you can avert them before they take shape.

Bonitasoft’s Intelligent Business Process Management Platform
Bonitasoft has the only open source solution for Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM). This iBPM solution enables:
Through the Business Process and Modeling Notation (BPMN) Standard 2.0, you can visually create processes with drag and drop studio elements. These elements include human and automated tasks, gates with decision rules for joining and diverging process flow, subprocesses, and much more. This streamlines communications between business and IT professionals with high levels of precision. You’ll have a simple way to communicate the exact solution you want to your IT team saving valuable time for both groups.
Your team will never be more connected than with Bonitasoft’s iBPM. With an iBPM solution you can:
Bonitasoft Adaptive Case Management

Bonitasoft’s Adaptive Case Management solutions enables you to manage unstructured and structured tasks throughout all of your business processes. This lets you handle the unexpected in a streamlined fashion as if it were an expected occurrence. 

Within a single unified environment, you can model all process possibilities so you know any potential errors ahead of time. You’ll never play catch up again. Dynamic process actors, filters and profiles can be modified when necessary. The deep levels of user interface customization enables task access based on the context of the task. Through a living application there will always be a seamless connection between processes, business data, and user interfaces.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Bonitasoft and UiPath enable a comprehensive solution to automate end-to-end processes. You can manage exceptions, delegate any complex decision making to real humans, and utilize a digital workforce of software robots to handle repetitive tasks. This finally brings you the full potential of automation for repetitive tasks while still keeping full control of all decision making.

With Bonitasoft’s RPA solution you will save your company money and time. An RPA and BPM software perfectly collaborate so you can automate tasks while monitoring the effectiveness of those automations.

RPA allows for: