The Role of Video for B2B Commerce

Videos play a big role in modern commerce. Different statistics indicated that videos, as part of effective communication, help to create a better perception, greater

Business Applications over BPM?

When analyzing our customer base at CoreShop Solutions/NSI it can be noticed that business process management as a concept and technology usually plays only a

Does E-Commerce Have Any Limits?

Implementing an e-commerce solution will help just about any business. However, it does have limitations you need to be aware of to ensure it will

What is Magento MadeEasy?

Magento MadeEasy was developed by senior Pimcore developers at CoreShop Solutions, LLC. It simplifies and accelerates the bi-directional integration and communication with both the Magento

Leveraging PIM with BPM

When it comes to Product Inventory Management (PIM), the nature of cases most used will be aligned to “few stops” transactions, meaning that most transactions

Transforming Your Strategy with PIM

When you realize that your content is not working out for your e-commerce business as you would expect…or you simply want to optimize its already

Top 5 Problems for Magento

E-Commerce statistics indicate that Magento is the most widely used e-commerce engine on the internet today. Almost one-third of e-commerce sites use Magento. The adoption