5 Common Pitfalls in Process Optimization

Find out the what & why of Process Optimization. How to avoid 5 common pitfalls:Unclear start and finish, using the wrong KPIs, lack of ownership and support, changes are not embedded, and lack of execution.

Corporate Bottlenecks

Lost revenues, missed deadlines, angry customers – bottlenecks can really put a cork in corporate operations.

This infographic shows the results of a recent survey investigating the main causes and effects of corporate process bottlenecks, and what solutions are being tried to unplug them.

5 Ways to Grow Customer Loyalty

customer loyalty stats coreshop

As a retail owner sometimes it might seem like the best way to grow your business is to find new customers. However, studies show that

Evolution Of Retail And Its Customers

data chart for the evolution of customers

If retail doesn’t evolve with its customers they will struggle to survive in these competitive markets. Being aware of how customers change and the phases