Celebrating Year One with CSS Commerce!

In August 2018, three friends came together with an idea and a dream.  Now one year later, Jim Kolassa , Rob Neumann and Tom Sieger are celebrating CSS Commerce one year anniversary and its astonishing  growth with a team of 31 who are located all over the world; Canada, Panama, Columbia, Philippines, Malaysia, Ukraine, Russia, India, Belarus, and the United States. Impressive, right? Try to schedule conference calls with all those time zones! All 31 are focused on solving problems for customers using Pimcore and e-Commerce for every business.

Partner Jim Kolssa says, “First of all, I can’t be prouder of our team … extremely talented, professional and hard working, and our clients are amazing … both innovative and wanting to partner for our mutual success. We are truly blessed!”

“I am excited about our growth.” said Rob Neumann “We’re  building new products and offering even more value to our customers.”

A special thank you goes out to Alex Yurchik, Senior Pimcore Developer and Employee #1 for being with us since just about day one. His energy, hard work and relentless dedication has proved invaluable. And a big high five to Tom Sieger…he never ceases to amaze us leading the way on results! “We are thrilled about our one year anniversary and are so grateful to be able to work with so many fine people in bringing solutions to our customers.”, says Partner Tom Sieger “I’m blown away by the talent, integrity and dedication of this team and honored by the trust placed in them and our Partners by our customers. Let’s continue to build on the foundations of trust, openness, innovation and effort to build another stellar year.”

As we begin our next trip around the sun, we promise to keep growing our business and our relationship with you. We will continue to offer you nothing less than our very best.