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CoreShop / Pimcore Enterprise-Ready eCommerce

CoreShop is an extension to the Pimcore Experience Manager. It is a best-in-class eCommerce ecosystem for creating outstanding and highly flexible B2B and B2C Pimcore eCommerce experiences, solving the challenges of omni-channel retail and complex digital transformation processes. It consists of a component-based development framework that software integrators and developers can use to flexibly create highly individual eCommerce and transactional digital experiences for demanding enterprises.

CoreShop is constructed from fully decoupled and flexible e-commerce components for PHP. It is also a set of Symfony bundles, which integrate the components into the full-stack framework. On top of that, CoreShop is also a complete eCommerce suite crafted from all these building blocks.It is your choice how to use CoreShop, you can benefit from the components with any framework, integrate selected bundles into existing or new Pimcore app or built your application on top of CoreShop Suite.

Pimcore is the first open source enterprise application that consolidates all relevant functionalities to form a complete eCommerce ecosystem. It dramatically reduces the time-to-market and delivers an astounding ROI by integrating eCommerce, PIM/MDM, CMS/UX and DAM into one consolidated platform.

It is an eCommerce ecosystem that supports complex, centrally managed, corporate hierarchies, and large-scale operations. So Pimcore is the right choice for creating multi-tenant eCommerce sites, flexible marketplaces, and omni-channel platforms. Pimcore eCommerce supports a diverse product set including physical and digital goods with accompanying services and subscription models, gifts, and service products such as banking or insurance. Pimcore is 100% based on the UTF-8 standard and supports multiple languages, currencies, location-based promotions and localized units of measurement for product data.

  • Manage millions of products with customer specific prices and assortments
  • Control billions of prices within complex B2B pricing environments
  • Allows highly customized B2B checkout processes and complex product configurators
  • Provides multiple tenants, each with different ERP systems

Consolidating the User Digital Experience, the Pimcore CMS is a core component of the Pimcore Experience Manager. It is the only integrated experience management platform, seamlessly integrating content and commerce. It’s the most productive CMS and marketing platform you have ever seen. Pimcore features award-winning single-source and multi-channel publishing functionalities making it easy to manage, update and publish personalized content and integrate data from various sources. With the content management system Pimcore, enterprises can create demanding rich digital experiences within one user-friendly environment for all their output channels at once: Web, mobile, apps, social platforms, and even print and digital signage.

Take full advantage Pimcore/CoreShop platform and Symfony framework:

Components based approach

Unlimited flexibility and simple customization

Developer-friendly, using latest technologies

Highest quality of code

CoreShop comes pre-packed with a lot of necessary things for eCommerce:


Use one Pimcore installation to host multiple shops and reuse configurations, categories and products. Multistore/Multiheme support.

Product Management

Native implemented product management with Pimcore objects.


Allow multiple currencies and conversion between them.


Different states/regions/provinces apply different taxes


Manage your categories using Pimcore objects.


Create your carriers and price calculation using shipping rules. Super flexible Carrier determination and Shipping Calculation

Out Of The Box

Complete Frontend UI Ex, Forms (Registration, Login, Cart, etc.) Components and Bundles to be used independently


Takes full advantage of Pimcore or Symfony Workflow


If the standard does not fit your needs, you can extend everything.

Index And Filters

Create a product index and create filters like multiselect or range.


Easily configure taxes for multiple countries, states and providences.

Persisted Carts

Every cart gets persisted and recalculated on each change.


Native implemented variants using Pimcore object variants.


Custom implemented with rich UI. Everything is designed to be localized.


Custom implemented with rich UI. Everything is designed to be localized.


Use one of the existing payment providers or use the API and code it yourself.

Price Rule

Create cart vouchers on specific conditions. Catalog Rules, Specific Rules and Cart Rules with or without Voucher


Switch between themes with one click.


Auto generates your PDF-invoices and sends it directly to your customers. Order Documents: Invoice and Shipments

Specific Prices

Define specific prices for a product based upon conditional pricing.


Comes with a large set of reports and use Pimcore custom reporting

Stock Management

Keep track of your stock-changes.


Native implemented carts using Pimcore objects.

CoreShop/Pimcore Technical Considerations: