CSS Commerce & Shopify

Shopify Support
CSS Commerce offers comprehensive support for your Shopify store. We bring in the intelligence to Shopify so you don’t miss out on in-depth analytics, data tracking, and automating tasks while maintaining the ease of use Shopify offers.

Product Bundles
Our kitting and bundling solutions for Shopify offers you the ability to seamlessly create product kits and product bundles. Product kits let you bundle various SKUs into one master SKU, and product bundles gives you the option to offer discounts when combining products to help increase your average order size.

Product Taxonomy Library
CSS Commerce also offers in depth product taxonomy within Shopify. This in-depth product classifications also allowed us to build a real elastic search that will incorporate directly into your webstore. This makes it easier than ever for your customers to find the products they want.

Pre-built API’s
We built unique API’s that incorporates inventory, financials, and ERPs into Shopify stores. Simply put, our API will save you time by automating data collection for the key metrics you care about.

Omni-channel Marketing
CSS Commerce utilizes our expertise in omni-channel marketing and incorporates it into Shopify to simplify the process of creating multiple webstores, landing pages, and POS.