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CSS Commerce specializes in enriching Magento with Pimcore’s PIM/DAM/MDM

Not everyone needs a PIM, do you?

If you sell or manage just a few, unique products with limited attributes, variations and processes to optimize then a PIM may not help much.

But, if you identify with any of these scenarios you may benefit from a PIM and quickly achieve a positive ROI:

  • Do you send one set of product information to retailers, and a completely different set to wholesalers?
  • Do your products have a lot of moving and complex parts with many attributes, hierarchies, relationships, variants, pricing and images?
  • Do you have products from multiple suppliers with data multiple formats and need to enrich the data before using it?
  • Do you sell or want to operate into several different channels (eBay, Amazon, Granger, etc.)?
  • Do you operate or want to sell in several markets and need to communicate in several languages or locations?
  • Do you have to copy and paste information and send it from one system or location to another?
  • Do you need to create different catalogs for each market, location, language or customer?

Benefits of Product Information Management

Product Information Management (PIM) is the technology, practice and process of aggregating and collecting data or content about a company’s products and services in a single source of record. PIM is the method in which a company or organization manages the lifecycle of product data that may come from multiple sources and then delivers it to a customer or distribution channel for sales or marketing consideration.  This usually has the purpose of feeding product data to web sites, print catalogs, database publishing, ERP systems, and multi-channel trading or syndication partners. The reason this matters is that companies with a PIM in place reduce the time to market communication by up to 90%. This means your products get adopted faster than the competition and you can adapt to market changes before your competitors have even recognized that they occurred.

One solution can tackle all these scenarios with a single platform and that is Pimcore, a curated open source product with no licensing cost. This award-winning solution has over 80,000 customers in over 50 countries and natively supports over 20 languages. An All-in-One platform that includes the entire digital ecosystem of Product Information Management, Master Data Management, Digital Asset Management, Customer Data Management, Content Management (Website, Portals, Catalogs) and eCommerce. Pimcore provides a measurable ROI through managing omni-channel commerce, portals, web to print catalogs in many industries and marketplaces.

Whether it’s managing the business process or gathering business intelligence, efficient product information is a prerequisite. With a deep focus on user-friendly and consistent organization, aggregation, classification, and translation of rich product information, Pimcore is uniquely placed to address your needs. We recognize that efficiency and accuracy in handling data is at the core of a reliable data governance.