Data Cleaning

Today organization are plagued with disparate silos of data, each source containing their own unique version of the truth. This problem creates incomplete data which directly affects its usefulness

Data cleansing is the first step in the overall data preparation process and is the process of analyzing, identifying and correcting messy, raw data. This process is valuable to CoreShop e-commerce it saves time and increases and improves the insights gained from analyzing that data for our customers. Artifacts such as audience email lists, product databases, and marketing tools CRM’s are much more effective when the information is accurate and reliable. This type of automated processing of data saves our customers days and weeks trying to clean that data manually. That’s why CoreShop develops these data cleaning tools.

Data cleaning is of particular value to organizations that have vast amounts of big data to deal with. These organizations can include banks or government organizations, but small to medium enterprises can also find a good use for the programs. Many sources suggest that any firm that works with and holds data should invest in cleaning tools. The tools should also be used regularly as inaccurate data levels can multiply, compromising database, and decreasing business efficiency. The issue of maintaining data to comply with local, state, and federal regulations also demands accurate data.