Data Driven Marketing with PimCore

Google Analytics is the standard data analytics software used in just about every major website. Most of our readers probably already have Google Analytics set up for their site. So, what’s the point of PimCore having its own data analytics system?

PimCore isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel here. This is why PimCore integrates Google Analytics directly into their system, which will allow you to aggregate data within all of your other PIM, MDM, and DAM data. 

So, What Can PimCore Bring to Google Analytics?

With all of the data from your google analytics integrated into PimCore’s system, you will be able to gather in-depth insights into which users respond best to what content you show them.

By displaying your product data and content alongside your user analytics data, you will be able to see which audiences respond best to which information. You can then use this information to further optimize your advertising campaigns based on user information and behavior.

PimCore also makes it easy to pull up quarterly marketing reports as well. You can use PimCore’s print publishing features to automatically generate reports on specific analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your ad spend.

Since PimCore is an open-source software, you can also customize the way data is displayed on your user interface. This will save you time by having all the data you regularly check readily available on your PimCore dashboard.

The customizability of PimCore also ensures you will be able to fit PimCore into your local data tracking laws. Whether you need to have your customers actively accept data tracking, you need a regularly updated privacy policy, or any other legal needs, PimCore can be customized to ensure compliance.

PimCore’s User Profiles

PimCore’s rich features for Master Data Management of customer information is one of their key selling points. The base of PimCore’s Master Data Management solutions is a flexible data store to collect, aggregate, and store user profiles from each of your multi marketing channels

This Master Data Management system allows you to automate your marketing to fit each specific user case through triggered events, build audience segments based on results, and most importantly bring data based decision making into all of your marketing efforts.