Data Governance and Protecting Your Product Data

The fastest way to fail your online business is to present incorrect or incomplete information about your products or services. In a rush to get online, most companies just move their ERP or spreadsheet data directly into their Webstore, without any effort to enhance, enrich, correct or optimize their Product Data.

Data governance allows you to secure and control your Product Data to reduce errors, locate incomplete information, product accurate pricing and all in a timely manner. Perfion’s Product Information Management (PIM) provides you with all the tools for Data Governance with most projects going live within two to three weeks.

An easy way to start building your Data Governance engine is start with the automated process of Data Cleansing and Completeness while using Perfion’s built-in Workflow to route and report all Product Data through a predefined set of stages, generating notifications to stakeholders, and assigning specific tasks to perform. This allows your team to manage by exception and eliminate bottlenecks.

Your reward is an optimized Digital Experience that is error-free, complete, and compelling that reduces abandonment, differentiating your Webstore to increases your Online Revenue. Start your path to Data Governance and contact us now for a free consultation or personal demonstration.