CoreShop provides an easy to use self-service interface to build multilingual, multi-currency eCommerce sites that are commercial grade with back-end PIM content and integration with your current ERP, shipping and other systems. This allows you to reach more customers worldwide, today.

Who wins or loses in the online channel (either B2C or B2B) is determined by who best manages the shopping experience to make it seamless, fast and simple for everyone to find, compare, select then buy! Anything less and the customer leaves an empty shopping cart. The growing list of famous brands that are disappearing is evidence of their failure to react to this new norm.

“An effective website, however, is measured in conversions. It’s a sad truth. The average website turns visitors into buyers or prospects at a miserable rate of 1%. The good news is that there is a 99x the opportunity already on your website already wanting to buy from you!” says conversion expert, Brice McBeth of Reap Marketing.

It’s all about the data… your company’s currency. Our mission is to facilitate constructing an accurate and responsive model of all product, customer, and supply chain data creating outstanding digital experiences across all sales channels through applying superior technology that creates and delivers value to our clients and stakeholders.

Imagine a world where products are easily found, descriptions are always complete and accurate, images display consistently, related content helps guide buying decisions, and suggestions are always relevant. This can only happen when your product data architecture has considered every aspect of the digital experience. With millions of SKUs from hundreds of suppliers in different formats, multiple platforms that need to pass data back and forth, and countless other data points, there are a lot of moving parts to consider. It is a perfect storm that must come together to deliver a seamless experience to the customer. There is nothing easy or sexy about it, but it is a crucial investment that the top performers in all major markets have made.

Our eCommerce experience and practice will allow you to:

  • Transform Customer Experiences
  • Reduce Business Costs
  • Get to Market Quickly
  • Drive New Revenue Growth