Emotion is 86% motion… do the math!

In our online world, “motion” is typing on a keyboard, moving the mouse, the movement of a finger, thumb, eye, or voice command to Alexa saying, “What’s the weather outside?”

The “E” in emotion is the element that encourages, excites, or enhances that motion to linger and continue on with the App or Website. This really is not different from what “Brick and Mortar” stores use for in-store Visual Merchandising which has been successfully practiced for decades but now utilized in the technology and practice of Online Visual Merchandising (OVM).

This is partially accomplished by combining OVM with the practice of Predictive Search, which is a process that begins by systematically gathering website analytics, centralizing product and customer data then developing a deep understanding of product data, industry nomenclature, best practices, and how products are complimentary sold to increase revenue and provide higher margin to each shopping cart experience.

Next is the practice of centralizing data to allow personalizing of the Digital Experience by providing current and accurate information for targeting and leading the user toward a desired behavior. The technology to employ for centralizing all data is a Product Information Management solution or PIM which provides a proven method to manage the lifecycle of product data that may come from multiple sources, then delivers it to a customer or distribution channel for sales or marketing consideration. PIM makes targeting and personalization more relevant.

As system integrators, we are combining these three “practices” of Visual Merchandising, Predictive Search and PIM allowing your online customers to convey and distill their search queries, keeping them in your webstore longer, and leading them to fill their shopping carts. This is also provides personalized suggestions for products, bundles, special offers, and relevant articles. Product suggestions of complimentary and associated products or variants are quickly displayed as a drop down from the search bar.

We call them “Practices” because it takes time and knowledge to successfully put Emotion into your Digital Experience. CSS Commerce provides a consultative approach called Solutioneering™ utilizing years of intelligence, experience, and superior tools to elicit optimum emotion for every customer.

Contact us now and stay ahead of your competition. You will be surprised how affordable eCommerce Success truly can be.