Five ways your brand can ensure Customer Experience success in 2020

No time like the present to get moving and moving quickly to make up for 1st and 2nd quarter of 2020.  The reality is that any B2B manufacturer needs to think like a B2C retailer in the digital world.

Here are some keys to success*:

1 – Focus on Smart Technology: Your consumers, even in the B2B world, are digital beings!

Consumers are digitally savvy.  They use mobile devices increasingly to be a part of the brand experience.  To stay relevant and engaged, you must enable mobile first behavior.

  • 36% of consumer houses have 3 or more mobile devices
  • 34% have two or more smart assistant devices in their homes
  • 13% of homes have three or more wearable devices

2 – Start using AI/VR Technology to your advantage to strengthen customer ties to your brand

Create an experience so different from your competitors with augmented reality that even more mature customers will enjoy.

  • 61% of consumers have no AR/VR devices in their home today.  Of these:
    • 60% of consumers expect to use this tech by 2025
  • 54% of brands are already investing in AR/VR to help consumers visualize the look or use of a product or service.

3 – Build digital trust: trust sits at the heart of the value exchange between brands and consumers.

Every day we are seeing more and more that customers need to feel in control and assured that the information they are entrusting to a brand is secure and safe.  Deploying trust-enabling technologies and backing that up with a privacy-first culture will help to deepen customer relations.  Remember ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast every day’ – Peter Drucker.

  • 73% are concerned with how brands use their personal data
  • 61% feel they have no control over the level of privacy they need for themselves, their family or their children.

4 – Don’t just talk about loyalty; create loyalty building moments into the customer journey

Take loyalty to a new level.  The irony of loyalty programs is that they don’t endear themselves.  Instead, embed loyalty building moments into the customer journey – use AI to help you become more tactical.

  • 41% of brands said that the VIP programs, incentives or surprises usually increase consumer loyalty
    •  ONLY 19% of consumers agreed!

5 – Deliver on the promise of CX excellence: use automation to engage seamlessly, at scale and frequently with every customer

By 2030, just 10 years away, agility and extreme automation (likely enabled by AI) will be the engine of customer experience, setting customer expectations and delivering on them.  We just have to keep being customer centric, understand and embrace the technology and keep innovating!

*2019 SAS Institute Inc.