Growing with Pimcore

Growing Data

In a recent study conducted by IDC titled Data Age 2025 claims that by 2025 there will be 163 zettabytes of worldwide data creation. That’s over five times the amount of data created in 2018, 33 zettabytes. To stay competitive it is clear businesses will need to get ahead of their data management as it continues to become an increasingly important aspect of a successful company.

Where is Your Data?

Right now, most companies’ product data is fragmented throughout various programs that all attempt to congregate that data. You may have some data in your internal systems, some stored within your website’s Content Management System (CMS), and some is even stored with your trading partners. This makes any form of analysis extremely difficult.

Unorganized Data Makes Your Life Difficult

A lot of businesses struggle with the amount of data needed to run a successful e-commerce site. Everywhere you go there seems to be unsearchable product descriptions, untagged photos, missing attributes, and a whole slew of other data-based issues. We’ve all seen how long it can take just to add or update a single product. And whenever a product is updated, it always seems anything that can go wrong does go wrong.

Is There Any End In Sight?

Data will always continue to aggregate for any e-commerce business. The only thing you can do is get ahead of it with systems that work alongside your business goals. PimCore is a Product Information Management (PIM) software that allows you to aggregate and alter any of your product data in real time.

With PimCore your inventory, pricing, sales, and discounts can be managed in real time or scheduled start and stop times based on how you operate your store. This ensures your customers are always seeing accurate information. It also allows for bulk uploading of data so integrating PimCore into your workflow will be quick and easy. Once your data is in the system, you can edit any of that data to quickly create searchable product names and descriptions, and implement product kitting. Product kitting is how you offer alternate and complementary products to your customers. This also lets you set discounted product bundles.

Once someone finds your website, PimCore will track their behavior to create user groups. You can use these product groups to tailor your marketing efforts to specific user behavior. This is how your website will act as an experienced salesman instead of just a cashier.

How Do I Get PimCore?

CoreShop offers a Digital Experience Platform built on PimCore so you can see how easy it is to manage your Digital Assets, Product Data and Attributes, Content Creation, and e-commerce from a single software. Even better, the software license is free. Try it out now, risk free, to join the nearly 100,000 Distributors, Manufacturers and Retailers worldwide that have already used PimCore to grow their business. We will help you get your systems up and running within just a few weeks all at the most reasonable costs on the market.