How do you ensure your data is accurate 24/7?

Getting the best and accurate information to the right user or information published in a timely and cost-effective manner is impossible with a manual process or and ERP solution.  How can you optimize, enrich and enhance your data problem? Let us show you the Perfion PIM System that ensures accurate information 24/7.

Mid-Sized and larger companies that have multiple products and multiple sales channels are often overwhelmed keeping their product information organized and up-to-date. Getting the right and most accurate information to the right users, or published in a timely and cost-effective manner, is almost impossible with a manual or traditional document management system, or even an ERP solution.

This is simply because there is so much information, in various states of development, that even systems with sophisticated versioning can’t keep up – especially if the information isn’t on the company’s network.

Versions, content, media and distribution lists change constantly, and with the underlying IT infrastructure also evolving, promotional, training, customer support, product development, operations and sales functions can all suffer as a result of not having a “single source of truth” about the company’s products.

Product Information Management systems, like e.g. Perfion, which are basically an add-on to ERP systems, solve these problems by quickly, easily and inexpensively enabling you to integrate all of your product information into a common database, and making it available to be used effectively.

A PIM system enables companies to quickly get control over all types of product information (even if you have thousands of products), and significantly improve performance.

These are just a number of the benefits that a Product Information Management (PIM) system provides:

  1. Access to all up-to-date information from one single place

    All product information is created, managed and updated in the PIM system – which means that all people in your company always have up-to-date product data at their fingertips.

  2. Consistent product information in all your channels

    Changes made to product information in the PIM system will immediately be reflected on your website, in your e-commerce, portals, apps, catalog files, pricelists, data sheets, etc., because a PIM system integrates seamlessly with all sales and marketing channels.

  3. Significant savings

    A PIM system will save you countless hours of work by eliminating time spent on finding, recreating, exposing and reconciling which information is correct. Furthermore you will save on extra costs incurred when providing wrong information to customers. The PIM system frees up your most valuable people for more productive and creative tasks, so they can do what they do best instead of being dragged down by tedious and repetitive tasks.

  4. Improved Customer Service

    With a PIM system as the single source of truth for your product information, you will be able to respond faster and more accurately to customer requests, leading to more satisfied customers, and increased sales. You can even expose information via the Internet to enable customer self-service, to get exactly the information they want when they need it.

  5. Faster Time to Market

    Leveraging all of your product information in a central place will enable all of your people from Marketing, Sales, Design, Development, QA, production, legal, support, partnerships, etc., to work together on up-to-date and perfectly coordinated product information as it changes or becomes available, effectively making it possible to get your products to market faster.

These benefits, in turn, will lead to:

  • Higher sales
  • Higher market share
  • Lower cost, and
  • Greater profitability

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