How Dutch Furniture Giant Fredericia Does More with Less

“We can model our product data and create
screen views and tabs ourselves as we please.
Now we are no longer dependent on expensive consulting services.”
Hanne Skovbo, Fredericia Furniture A/S

Before switching to Perfion Product Information Management (PIM) in 2011, Fredericia Furniture maintained most product data manually in Excel files and other individual documents. Only Production Master Data was stored in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system.

Product information was manually entered into a catalog generator system used exclusively for price list creation. This was an error-prone, cumbersome and time-consuming task, which also demanded expensive consulting services because the employees could not fix bugs in the system themselves.

At Fredericia, the PIM system is now the only data source apart from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The two systems are integrated and users maintain Production Master Data in Dynamics NAV. From here, data is automatically transferred to Perfion.

Now, Fredericia creates price lists in three languages and four currencies directly from Perfion. It is easy and fast to produce new price lists as all data is managed in the same place. Perfion also calculates a customer-specific price list based on the information in an existing price list in no time. The result is a significant time saving.

In order to also ensure up-to-date product information on the website, Fredericia has chosen to implement the Dynamicweb platform instead of a previous CMS system because of the complete integration between Dynamicweb and Perfion. Today, the Perfion PIM system delivers all product information, line drawings and product images directly to Dynamicweb, which then generates the view.

According to S&OP Manager Hanne Skovbo, even more Perfion projects are in the pipeline. He says, “Before long, visitors to our website will be able to download data sheets with product data generated from Perfion. Later, we will also utilize Perfion better in product development – today a new product is created in the ERP system first, but in the future, we will create it in Perfion instead. The advantage is that the product will end up there anyway, so we might as well gather all information in Perfion from the start and thus create a common view of what is happening throughout the whole product development phase.

By switching to Perfion, the company has also optimized its work processes. With branches on several locations, it is a great advantage that employees now have access to the same information in one single system, in which they can all work at the same time.

About Fredericia Furniture is a Danish design house, collaborating with a carefully chosen circle of international designers. Fredericia’s ambition is to create and deliver a contemporary design that is always beautifully crafted, relevant and aesthetically intriguing. A collection that they believe will be the modern originals of tomorrow. The company’s products are sold globally through home furnishing stores, agents, distributors and architects for restaurant, hotel projects and more. For more on Fredericia, visit their website,

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