How Product Information Management (PIM) is Crucial for Your eCommerce Business

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The Omni CX Product Information Management makes gathering and managing product information easy for businesses. In today’s era, companies of all sizes are juggling to keep up with sales channels, social media, financing and so much more. The four fundamental principles for any PIM software helps you to sell more by giving customers a superior experience. Create and enriched product description, attributes and reviews, targeting customized content for different channels, distribute product data through dynamic feeds on demand, and centralize product data repository throughout the business. Consumer purchase behavior is driven by their experiences; if they enjoyed it, how easy it was to find a product, and if they can do more product research on your site. Consumers want a functional shopping experience that only CX gives them without standing navigation and search. The OmniCX e-commerce platform product management for your brands, categories and price lists along with crucial customization options. Click on one and you’ll see all the items attributed to that group. To view the PIM dashboard, click on the top left button. Here you will get an overview of you PIM system, the products on your front-end, promotions running on different products and an analysis of the different competing products. By clicking on the desired item, you will see all the details your site has on it. To add a product, click on the top right button then fill out the form with the appropriate information. Once you have completed the form, you will automatically be redirected to the product page for that item. You will notice areas which allow for further editing. This allows you to edit data that you already input as well as add other content, such as YouTube videos under search engine optimization name. After any edits made, make sure you submit, so you don’t lose all that hard work. To look at your product from a point of view of your consumers, copy the stock code and enter it in the search bar of the front-end of your website. It’s that simple. This process will be just as easy for the other groups as well. So, if you’re a business that didn’t think they needed PIM but would like to know more, visit us today at and arrange your free consultation. OmniCX for growing businesses.

Video Credits to: OmniCX Digital Limited