How Product Manager Peter brings complex products to market faster with Perfion PIM

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This is Peter, busy as always. As a Product Manager at a leading industry manufacturer Product Manager , his responsibility is to plan future product launches and ensure the development of existing products. Fortunately, Peter can bring even very complex products to market fast because he and his colleagues in Development, Design, Sales and Marketing are able to collaborate efficiently on getting all necessary product data ready in time. Peter’s job has not always been this straightforward. Thinking back, he clearly remembers the time when he had to endure daily bottlenecks. Back then, Excel sheets with product data could only be updated by one person at a time. Consequently, there was a lot of waiting for every department to finish their tasks. At the same time, planning cycles were getting shorter while the demand for controlled communication increased. Instead of developing products, Peter spent oceans of time ensuring that Sales and Marketing did not use outdated information. Today, Peter manages all product data easily in each stage of the product life cycle with Perfion – The Product Information Management system that is completely integrated with his ERP. Perfion provides an easy overview of the status of his products in a workflow and a simple progress bar or a solid colored circle tells him everything he needs to know at once. Perfion’s setup supports true data inheritance that enables easy maintenance of product variants… …and it allows Peter and his colleagues to handle last minute changes in assortments, prices and photos just before a deadline, because they can all work in the system simultaneously. Thanks to the Perfion PIM system, Peter now spends the majority of his time being creative, developing new products. Are you too a busy Product Manager? See for yourself how Perfion can handle YOUR product data. Book your free online demo today on

Credits to: Perfion PIM