How To Redefine Your Omni-Channel Presence

These days if your retail store isn’t functioning on multiple channels you’re already behind. To thrive in this current economy, you must have an online shopping mobile presence. It takes more than just having an omni channel capability; you need it to be super functional. Where can you start? 

Website & Mobile Site

Having your online presence be silky smooth is the key to starting a successful omni channel. First, have the website work, then edit it for your mobile. Find experts in these fields and start now because the longer you wait, the more clients you’re missing out.

coreshop Omni-Channel connected
Studies show that 40% of web sales come from mobile phones and that percentage is growing every year. In the next three years, 500 million people are expected to enter the online market. Why would you wait to optimize your site until then? Every week millions of new customers enter the market.

Complete Integration

You must sync your three channels, retail, web, and mobile. The more they synergize, the more customers experience ease when shopping. Synchronizing the channels will drive your sales and set you up to win in the future when traffic increases. Nothing is worse to a shopping customer than coming into a store that has different information than the website.

Give the Customer Power

Let the customer define their shopping experience. The more customization they get, the more powerful they feel. When you give customers the power, it builds trust which leads to a loyal customer. Redefine how you treat your customer over your channels.

Customer Support

Having the capability to connect with your customers in real time can lead to higher customer acquisition. The customer will feel supported and that they can count on you whenever they have a concern. Always make sure your return policy is quick and straightforward. Here the key is making sure everything is easy for the customer, and you’re ready to answer any question, no matter how silly it may seem.