Improving Page Speed Is Not A Top Priority For Marketers

Page speed is extremely important to marketing efforts. One second is all it takes for someone to exit your page, so if it’s taking 5-10 seconds to load you may have a problem. Akamai (formerly SOASTA) reported that peak load speed for desktop conversion rates is 1.8 seconds. For mobile, the peak load speed for conversion is 2.7 seconds. The speed at which your web pages load affects your clients.

An interesting number to look at is that 45.4% of respondents stated that when an e-commerce website loads slower than expected they are less likely to make a purchase, and more than one-third (36.8%) said they were less likely to return to the website. About one-third (32.3%) of consumers say they are willing to wait 4-6 seconds for a website to load. However, many marketers are reporting that page speed isn’t a top priority to them.

While page loading is important to marketers it turns out that A/B testing or page optimization is that top priority for marketers. This area is more of a complex and wide-ranging which shows the largest results. Through A/B testing many new age marketers blend creativity with data-driven insights to improve performance, achieving above-average growth rates as a result.

Image Credit to Marketing Charts