Introducing Pimcore Platform – Own the digital World

This is another manic Monday. A bunch of product managers are busy with their data management tasks. All day long, they collect and edit data and assets in coherent emails, numerous PDF and Excel files. Millions of data records are scattered across the whole company. The hours elapsed like minutes while the boss dribbles about time to market and questions the product information strategy. Something is not right here.

Next door, by the creative heads for marketing, everyday they generate content for the websites, apps and the online shop. They even take care of the print catalogs. They call it personalization ecommerce digital experience. Huh. They probably spend days trying to figure out who their customers really are. All of this in six different languages across 10 countries. This sends cold shivers down the spine. Boiling hard disks, endless number of incomplete assets across ERP systems, CRM, videos and other media assets, who can keep track in this mess? It’s not really rocket science now, is it? Is this the end? Rescuers in sight.

Enter Pimcore Data Manager

Product data and media assets are consolidated by Pimcore Data manager. Product information is structured, enriched, classified and translated within a comfortable web-based interface. All the images, documents and videos are integrated on one centralized media asset repository and all Pimcore digital omni channels are managed by Pimcore experience manager, web content management and e-commerce on one integrated platform enabling you to create awesome digital experiences. Seamlessly integrated across all channels and on any device or even web to print catalogs. The Pimcore platform. Sign up now for your demo. Pimcore, own the digital world.

Watch the Video here: Introducing Pimcore Platform – Own the Digital World

Credits to: PIMCORE