Magento Automatic PIM

Magento Automatic PIM (MAP) was developed by senior E-commerce Product Management developers at CoreShop Solutions LLC that simplifies and accelerates the bi-directional integration and communication with both the Magento Community and Enterprise editions 1.8+ and 2.0+. Now take full advantage of the MDM/PIM/DAM capabilities inherent in E-commerce Product Management and using the standard Magento API It automatically discovers categories, attributes and classes in Magento to create a folder structure in E-commerce Product Management modeling the data already existing in your Magento websites. This integration is done in just one step as compared to other integration efforts that require multiple steps and a lot of support.

The result is enhanced content and digital asset enrichment and management with all data consolidated in one centralized place for an improved and consistent user experience. Quickly enable an enterprise ready and open sourced PIM/DAM/MDM without a license cost.

MAP creates the communication path between Magento 2 and E-commerce Product Management to allow these activities to take place:

  • Managing your Magento product information in E-commerce Product Management
  • Enriching product information by creating new attributes to suit your needs or by using existing ones
  • Publishing product information in E-commerce Product Management and exporting it to Magento with one click
  • Creating categories, building them in a tree and exporting them easily to Magento
  • Building up your media gallery, assigning assets and publishing it

When the plugin is installed, it creates a folder structure within E-commerce Product Management and the data classes that it uses like MagentoProfile, MagentoConnection, FieldCollections, and others. MagentoProfile is the main class to describe Product, Category mappings, attribute mappings, and more. Currently we support only one MagentoProfile and one Magento instance. MagentoConnection is a subclass of MagentoProfile and it represents Website. The plugin has more than ten CLI commands that can be used separately or can be combined into two commands for simplicity: create structure and import data.

MAP Core Features and Capabilities

  • Import and structure from Magento (easily start from scratch if you have a Magento website and just starting with E-commerce Product Management)
  • Supports Multisite and Magento attributes types: text, WYSIWYG, price, tier price, select, multi-select
  • Flexible configuration: each connection is E-commerce Product Management class with the ability to specify field mappings, data completeness and more
  • Sophisticated permission system - Magento does not allow to set access to products by store or by folder while in E-commerce Product Management you could specify individual products and even access only to specific fields inside the product
  • Data completeness and data quality reporting
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM): Magento product images are imported as using E-commerce Product Management assets to store & edit product images you get powerful online image edition tool, reduce the space on the server for your images by using same image asset in multiple products, eliminate errors when one image is used for various products, and you need to modify/replace it
  • Built in Workflows: Use E-commerce Product Management’ s workflows to manage your product lifecycle, orders and customer and user information

Ability to create any objects, while in Magento, you have only Products, Categories, Orders, Customers, Coupons but in the E-commerce Product Management, you have no limits to work with any data.