Magento Automatic PIM

Get the benefits of a real content management database (called a PIM for Product Information Management) connecting to Magento. Magento can be slow and unable to handle the complexity of B2B e-commerce. Our free white paper describes all the benefits of handling this complexity! Content, Product Information, Digital Information and Connections are huge tasks in B2B e-commerce.

For complex B2B Magento e-catalogs, enabling PIM through Magento Automatic PIM is the only solution that handles distributors, manufacturers, B2B and Omni-channel commerce – out of the box. CSS Commerce developed this software for B2B on Magento!

The software was developed and deployed at large and mid-size distributors. Proven and tested with tremendous success; we are launching the product onto the Magento Marketplace!

Our solution is the only one-step connector for E-commerce Product Management and Magento eCommerce. It connects to Magento 1.8 and higher and Magento Enterprise in the cloud.

This is an exciting release of the first connector to create
a E-commerce Product Management instance automatically from Magento.

Our fact sheet will detail all the benefits of real content and digital management for Magento!

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