Master Data Management

Master Data is the decisive business information that supports the transactional operations and analytical processes of CoreShop. The methods that underlie Master Data Management (MDM) consolidates, cleans, and augments CoreShop’s master data into one source of truth that synchronizes with all applications, business processes, and analytical tools. MDM’s objective is to realize significant improvements in operational accuracy, reporting, and data-driven decision-making.

In today’s context, IT landscapes have grown into complex arrays of systems, applications, and technologies that are not compatible and cannot share data. This fragmented environment has created significant data problems. These data problems are making business processes sub-optimized; Customer Relationship Management (CRM) inaccurate, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) complicated, and Supply Chain Management (SCM) initiatives costly; corrupting analytics, and costing CoreShop significant dollars each year. MDM corrects these problems with enterprise data quality at its source on the operational side of the business. This is done in a coordinated fashion with the data warehousing and analytical side of the company. The combined approach is proving to be very successful internally and is helping our customers around the world.

We are leaders in what it means to manage master data and outlines CoreShop’s MDM solution. CoreShop’s technology components are ideal for building master data management systems, and these systems are critical to managing and consolidating key master data objects such as Product, Customer, Supplier, Site, and financial data can bring real business value in a fraction of the time it takes to build from scratch. CoreShop’s MDM portfolio also includes tools that directly support data governance within the master data stores. What’s more, CoreShop MDM utilizes CoreShop’s E-commerce Product Management/Magento Integration Architecture to create MDM aware applications and integrate the high-quality, authoritative master data into the IT E-Commerce landscape.

Whether you are at the beginning of your data and analytics journey, or have already formed a data science team, CoreShop can optimize your technology investments and accelerate your time to a return on investment.