Multi-Channel Content Marketing with PimCore: A Simple Overview

PimCore comes equipped with a fully functional, open-source Content Management System. One aspect of this Content Management System is a multi-channel delivery function, which allows you to automate the publishing process across multiple marketing channels.

By automating the process of publishing your content to multiple channels, you can create a streamlined process of communication to your customers.

Why Do You Need a Multi-Channel Content Marketing System?

Any business that thrives on distributing content throughout multiple platforms should really have a system in place to manage the delivery of that content. Having your content consistent across various platforms is crucial to building a brand image.

A multi Content Management System will help you ensure all of your content is consistent and accurate whether you’re using printed media, social media, email blasts, or blog posts.

Having a system in place will also save your business time and money while reducing mistakes. Sending all of your content through multiple departments to ensure accuracy of information is both time consuming and costly. This is where having an easy system that contains all the information you need for content marketing is so crucial.

With a well maintained Content Management System, your team will be able to pull information directly from other departments to ensure all of the information they are writing is accurate.

So, How Does PimCore Simplify Multi-Channel Content Marketing?

PimCore recently launched a new tool, the PimCore Data Hub. The Data Hub brings together all of your product data for use with any and all of your output channels, all within a centralized Graphical User Interface (GUI).

What does this mean for you? Simply put, the new PimCore Data Hub will save you time. Since, you already input your product data into PimCore’s databases, you can now automate content creation based on these data points.

Through PimCore’s use of headless content management, you can distribute content across multiple channels with a consistent format. This allows your printed content, web content, email blasts, and app updates to all feed the same information with the same look and feel.

Whether you release a quarterly catalogue, weekly brochures, or email blasts every Tuesday and Thursday, you will never have to worry about whether or not you are sending accurate information.

The PimCore Data Hub will pull data directly from your most updated product information to be displayed on these various marketing channels. You can also set up PimCore to automatically create these documents at set periods of time. This means you’ll never miss a deadline for reports to investors again.