New Normal Channel Development

Andy Grove wrote a book “Inflection Point” that stuck with me. He said that businesses need to be able reinvent themselves for the major changes of entire industries. Steve Jobs was famous for his willingness to scrap everything and know where the market “had to go.” He invented new categories of products but was willing to entirely cannibalize his own products to do it.

Obviously, we are faced with this kind of world inflection point. Business will not and cannot be the same anymore. The thing is, very few are ready. In B2B Manufacturing and Distribution this is particularly true because of traditional sales methods, slow tech adoption, lack of supply chain flexibility. This is what we call “Supply to Sales” at CSS Commerce. Looking at new channels to market, improving the digital footprint, automating processes to improve consistency and reduce repetitive labor and supply chain visibility with flexibility.

The enterprise today is seeking:

Key points right now are on obliterating the distribution to market value chain. Some traditional B2B approaches still rely on a professional sales force to get sales and sign up new customers with other companies. The industry is slow to adopt some changes because of the fear of channel conflict. Dixit and Nalebuff, professors at Harvard have repeatedly shown that some channel conflict is healthy and even necessary for improved results in the firm. We’ve shown companies how to utilize e-commerce to improve revenue for both the territories and channel partners, in addition to the traditional approaches.

On the other hand, some companies must change from B2B to D2C or Direct to Consumer. The expense and inflexibility of the sales model will not stand up to changes companies will make in the next 6 months. Understandably, many companies have waited to make these changes in order to see what will happen and get clarity for the future. A few things are very clear:

Some companies are turning to e-Commerce. On its face this is a good idea, except B2B e-commerce is NOTHING like B2C. And putting up a solution that cannot be prepared for the long term is in the long run costly. Some differences of B2B commerce are:

These are a few complexities. Yet, we need to react fast. Many companies do not have experience dealing directly with consumers. This will include a different service model. Let me give you some good news, CoreShop provides solutions that encompass all of these problems for the enterprise. We can do it in days not weeks. We use a consulting method to get your commerce restarted with most of your products online fast – Jimmy John’s Fast. We do this through a solid understanding of what makes B2B different, our “Follow-The-Sun” 24 hour a day virtual company, tightly controlled project management, and software that is low code or highly configurable to get to market faster. All our Account Mangers, Project Managers and Principals are all based in the USA. You do not need an offshore firm to be cost effective. It’s not just hourly rate – it’s the number of hours. We are superior on both.

Getting to market fast is more than a new e-commerce site, it’s understanding where the traffic is… which is often through syndication. This could be working with Amazon Business, E-Bay or Industry Consortium Buying Groups. It is also Direct to Consumer. There is a lot more to getting consumers to notice you than putting up your website. It takes expertise. CSS Commerce has expertise of not only software but an eco-system of curated experts in getting business to your websites.

CSS Commerce was ready for this inflection point. We’ve always been virtual work. We operate extremely fast in an agile manner. We consult with B2B organizations looking for rapid change and we provide it. From complex purchasing solutions for Superior Communications to getting Magento ready to handle a huge influx of products and traffic, CSS Commerce can solve your problem as a true partner.

One customer the CTO of a major company remarked, “I’ve never seen a more adaptable and capable software services company in my career.”

We are here to provide you the same level of service and we'll show you how to get more flexibility and faster time to market than you thought possible.