B2B E-Commerce Success: 30 Days to ROI – Encore

Wednesday, September 16, 2020
We’re making the most of your time and ours. It takes 30 days to get a return on investment when a B2B launches their B2B e-commerce site. How? We will show you! We get the experts and detail a plan for product information gathering, product analyzes on profitability and gather the tools for the implementation needed to go get that ROI. Register for this info packed webinar today!

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How Dutch Furniture Giant Fredericia Does More with Less

“We can model our product data and createscreen views and tabs ourselves as we please. Now we are no longer dependent on expensive consulting services.”Hanne Skovbo, Fredericia Furniture A/S Before switching to Perfion Product Information Management (PIM) in 2011, Fredericia Furniture maintained most product data manually in Excel files and

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What Can You Expect from Implementing Predictive Search?

The result of Predictive Search produces suggested results that materialize immediately to interactively engage your online customer while typing into the search field. A well implemented Search will display only the product information and images essential to the customer’s search. This makes the product selection process meaningful and produces a

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