Expert Round Table on Process Automation

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Take notes from the experts! Hear and learn about successful Business Transformation and Process Digitalization learned from the pandemic to accelerate the transformation and optimization of business processes.

Experts panelist include Rob Neumann of CoreShop Solutions, Kankana Choudhury of Evoke, Michael Doukhan and Carole Winqwist of Bonitasoft.

Their combined experiences provide a road map for decision makers on the best approach to deal with this subject.

  • How to assess current performance?
  • Which governance and project teams to put in place?
  • Best technologies to evaluate?
  • Which processes to start with?
  • What role should the IT department play?

To succeed and gain a competitive edge, senior management, CIOs, and all departments need to initiate end-to-end business process transformations by aligning with best practices, optimizing, and automating priority activities.

Learn best practices and solutions to these challenges, and to how to successfully initiate digitalization projects to improve process performance to the satisfaction of both employees and customers.

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