PimCore 6.0: The Ultimate Digital Experience

PimCore 6.0 is easily the most user-friendly digital experience software available. You can seamlessly integrate your Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and digital commerce all into one platform.

This seamless integration allows you to deliver the ultimate digital experience to all of your customers. Whether they are looking through a product catalogue on your primary site, or receive newsletters from you, they will all contain the same message gathered from your information management systems.

So, let’s go over how PimCore 6.0 is different and is the premier solution to delivering the ultimate digital experience to your customers.

User Interface

PimCore 6.0 comes equipped with an intuitive, easy to use user interface. By utilizing a minimalistic approach and removing all the clutter that was seen on their previous versions, you can easily work with millions of product data records and thousands of websites.

The high level of customizability allows PimCore’s new  interface for PIM/MDM efficient for a wide range of applications. You can decide how you want your interface to be laid out and make it quick and easy to get to the applications you use the most.

Symfony 4 Framework

PimCore utilizes the fastest PHP framework available, Symfony 4. Symfony 4 is a well established PHP framework that is being used by millions and is developed by thousands. This makes Symfony 4 extremely versatile, which fits perfectly with PimCore’s overall goals.

Object Grid

PimCore’s object grid is the tool you can use to customize any of your data sets to fit your exact needs. You can transform data, share and save configurations, and use custom views when importing CSVs. This really allows you to pull unique insights about what is working for your business and what isn’t.

By utilizing and visualizing data in a way that makes sense to you, you will be able to analyze your data in-depth with ease. This will improve your advertising, logistics, employee efficiencies, and just about all other decisions you make with data in mind.

So, Is PimCore Right for You?

PimCore is right for any business that relies on data-driven decision making. It will help you manage and organize your data in a way that will make sense to you, allowing you to gather unique insights into improving your brand. You can read more about what PimCore 6.0 can offer you here!