Pimcore 6: Digital Experience Management Rethought

Pimcore 6.0 is the newest and most powerful version of the Pimcore platform. With this version, Pimcore becomes the favorite open-source and seamlessly integrated Digital eXperience Platform (DXP) available. Experience Pimcore’s new and awesome user interface, the upgraded technology stack, now based on the Symfony 4 framework and a multitude of powerful new features for Pimcore professionals. It is a true beauty.

We proudly announce the latest version of the most user-friendly digital experience platform today. It runs faster and smoother, seamlessly connecting MDM/PIM, DAM, WCM, and digital commerce. In addition to a revolutionary new user interface, our squads of engineers added massive amounts of new features to the product. With the help of more than 200 community members, they cleaned out Pimcore’s engine compartment. This gave them the possibility to upgrade Pimcore to the leading PHP framework engine today, the Symfony Framework 4. This framework has more than 3,000 contributors, 600,000 developers, and 50 million monthly downloads. The new engine makes Pimcore the ultimately predominant platform for enterprises looking to leverage open source technology and take on technology leadership in their industry. Full backward compatibility is ensured – making updating to the latest version a simple task. Grab it now or learn more below. As usual, a complete list of changes is available on GitHub.

Read more: https://pimcore.com/en/resources/blog/pimcore-6-digital-experience-management-rethought_a15646

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