PimCore for Print Publishing

PimCore’s Content Management System (CMS) has a built in print publishing solution. By integrating the data of your Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM), and Digital Asset Management (DAM) modules, PimCore allows you to automate the creation of your print publications.

What is Print Publishing?

Print publishing is when you publish anything in a hard-copy format. This can take the shape of a product catalogue, brochures, product use guides, and much more!

By utilizing print media as well as digital marketing, you can create effective ways of reminding your customers about your products. A hard-copy piece of advertising that will sit on someone’s counter or in their desk will remind them of your products every time they see it. This will make it far more likely they see your advertising at the time they are looking to order the type of products you provide.

There has also been a lot of talk about print publishing being a dying form of advertising. This has been shown time and time again to be incorrect. It still provides a reliable, and easily tracked, form of lead generation. Simply put, print publishing still matters.

PimCore Makes Print Publishing Easy

By having all of your data and content management in one system, PimCore makes it simple to bring print media into your advertising system. This database is utilized to automatically create accurate, on brand, printed advertising collateral.

PimCore’s print publishing module is a native solution integrated directly into PimCore’s offerings. By having a native solution, their print publishing module works seamlessly into your already established workflow. You won’t even need to use a desktop publishing software, such as in-design.

You can assemble fully featured, high-quality print media directly into a PDF file that is ready to be released for print. Simply input the data points you want to include in your file then PimCore will gather the information for you by accessing your MDM, PIM, and DAM databases. You can even automate these files to be created at regular intervals. This is great for putting together quarterly reports or regular product catalogues for specific holidays or sale seasons.

PimCore makes it simple for you to add an additional form of lead generation print media, without a large undertaking of gathering new data or learning a new software. There has never been an easier way to introduce print media into your advertising campaigns.