Pimcore still listens and delivers “Big Time”!

The release of Pimcore 5.3 brings a substantial upgrade to the already stellar DAM and closes over 240 GitHub requests. Adding tons of new features including a quick search with integrated preview, hundreds of UI Improvements, many additional keyboard shortcuts, easier deployment and cloud enhancements, and support for 2-factor authentication. The DAM gained loads of new features from VR/360° previews, facial recognition, focal points in images, and XMP metadata support. Powerful new features for PIM/MDM include a component for data objects, which render live-previews of multiple output-channels at once. To top that off, they’ve been working on artificial intelligence for a better customer experience

Enhancements abound including SVG vector graphics support, less work to preview data objects, edit documents faster, group document types, manual or alphabetic sorting of data objects, high resolution displays HDPi previewing, download / upload assets as a ZIP archive, Leaflet plus Open Street Map replaces Google Maps to address policy / compliance issues, HTML Shared Translations and many more.

A new layout component for structured data (Preview-Panel) enables a live preview for several output channels. In single-source publishing, this is extremely helpful to content editors. When enriching the data, the Preview-Panel allows you to save the preview without actually having to save any changes and facilitates central data storage with automatic publishing to different output channels

The keyboard shortcut “Ctrl & Space” allows the user a quick-search for content stored in the system. The Quick-search provides a built-in preview function and searches all data making it faster, easier and more comfortable for editors. For Developers, easily hook into this search and use Events to customize the displayed search results. There are now a variety of keyboard shortcuts that any user can customize.