Putting AI into Predictive Search

Predictive Search is a process that begins by gathering Website Analytics then developing a deep understanding of product data, industry nomenclature, best practices, and how products are complimentary sold to increase revenue and provide higher margin to each shopping cart experience. When you apply AI to the process amazing things begin to happen!

Karthik Chelladurai explains, “Basic search is matching the text of your search term with the text in the document database. AI-powered search allows us to bring in multiple dimensions of the user and data available to produce the most relevant results.”

In Katie Florez’s LinkedIn Article she related that according to an Infosys study, 74% of consumers get frustrated with product information that is not personalized. With AI-powered Predictive Search, recommendations are updated in real time, which can have a major impact on conversions and average order value.

AI-Powered Predictive Search by the numbers:

  • 6% of e-commerce visits that include engagement with AI-powered recommendations drive 37% of revenue, per Salesforce

  • One day per working week or 19.8% of work time, is wasted by employees searching for information to do their job effectively, Interact

Predictive Search is more than a set of cool tools or a consultant’s secret technique. SEO brings more traffic to the website where Predictive Search improves the speed and accuracy of your on-site search resulting in increased revenue and maximizing the shopping cart conversation rate by applying industry and product knowledge within each specific digital transaction.

We have engineered a simple Three Step Process to guide you toward World-Class Predictive Search.

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