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SEO is a Hoax! and other ways to improve eCommerce

On Thursday, October 11, 2018, CSS Commerce, LLC will host a webinar dedicated to discussing SEO and its shortcomings. The webinar, which is invite-only, is called SEO is a Hoax! and Other Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Results!” Brice McBeth, conversion rate optimization coach and published author, is scheduled to host the 30-minute long event. There will be an opportunity for some Q&A afterwards.

According to CoreShop, McBeth will cover topics detailing SEO, or search engine optimization, related topics such as reasons how and why guest blogging is today’s answer to SEO and the hidden craters in eCommerce SEO. McBeth will also explain and describe several ways to increase your conversion rates, and how useful this method is compared to SEO.

This is the first of three webinars in a series of Conversion Rate seminars we are offering before the big rush for the holiday shopping season.

This webinar requires pre-registration and seats are limited. For those interested in acquiring a spot for the event, visit this link: