Social Media Continues to Dominate Email

It’s reported that the majority (53%) of marketers prefer to use social media thanks to the fact that social media is easy to use and extremely effective. Very few (25%) marketers surveyed report that social media is difficult to use. This is a major shift in how markets were ten years ago.

Email seems to be losing its use when it comes to marketing. Email is just proving to show that it’s not as effective as social media. However, despite these facts, email marketing is expected to grow and still dominate as a marketing tool. This is because email marketing is considered to still be easier to use than social media.

The lead goal for marketing remains to be lead generation and branding which social media continues to show better results. How long will this last? It’s difficult to know but social media seems to have the advantage for now unless something drastic changes. When it comes to marketing where will email be ten years from now?

Image Credit to Marketing Charts