Something extraordinary is about to happen!

Imagine a thousand people lined up outside Target on Black Friday. At 6 AM the doors open as they all frantically rush in hunting for a specific item on their list.

Some will find it. Several who find the product will pick it up, look at the label, the price then put it back. Some who pick up the product, look at the price and put it the basket. Some will take it to the checkout, pay for it, take it the car and then home.

If ten of the thousand shoppers completed their purchase that would only be a 1% conversion rate at Target on Black Friday. If there was only a 1% conversion rate at Target on Black Friday somebody would be fired, but regrettably as marketers we’ve allowed ourselves to accept a miserable 1% as the norm for our website.

Brice McBeth Conversion Rate Optimization Coach

Then they called Brice, the nationally acclaimed author and conversion rate optimization coach. He gave them a Free Quick Conversion Assessment of their website and identified 2-3 quick-hit conversion leakage suggestions. Something extraordinary is about to happen! The conversion rate increased, bounce rate decreased all while lowering overall advertising costs.

Brice will explain in this brief video that: “SEO is a Hoax! and Other Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Results!” He teaches us how to increase organic search traffic and achieve higher conversion rates than average web site. Brice will cover topics detailing SEO, or search engine optimization, related topics such as reasons how and why guest blogging is today’s answer to SEO and the hidden craters in eCommerce SEO and describe several ways to increase your conversion rates, and how useful this method is compared to SEO.

Three Crippling Conversion Mistakes

In this short video of a webinar recording by author and conversion rate optimization coach, Brice McBeth will provide answers as he reveals the top three crippling conversion mistakes along with how to fix them:

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