Stay Up to Date on Current Shopping Trends

With e-Commerce shopping a reality it’s always important to stay up to date on current shopping trends. It’s an ever-changing market where the slightest change sends ripple effects throughout the market. Let’s explore some current shopping trends market that you as a business owner should be aware of so that you can thrive in today’s market.

Plan for a Mobile Future

In 3 years mobile phones will be increasing in usage by 500 million. That’s 500 million new customers entering the marketplace. Make sure you are optimized to win with online shopping so that you can handle this growing market.

Mobile Phones Aren’t the Future…Yet

While mobile phones take up the majority of browsing views they are still dwarfed by desktop sales. Phones take up 26% of online sales while computers remain king at 67%. Mobile sales are growing at a steady rate but don’t completely buy that they dominate sales. Remember that mobile sales aren’t everything, at least not right now.
3-way steps e-retail shopping

Optimize for Easy Shopping

Make checkout as simple as possible. You want checkout to be around 30 seconds, this gives convenience and power to the consumer. It also doesn’t give them too much time to rethink their purchase.

Go from Multi-Channeled to Omni-Channeled

Having multiple channels available to the consumer will definitely increase sales. Having all those channels optimized to be Omni channeled will change everything for your business. You might not notice it right away but by becoming Omni channeled your business is now ready to grow into the future.

Watch the News

Keep an eye on what’s happening currently in the news. You aren’t in a protective bubble where nothing outside can affect your company. Anything that happens out there concerning trade, economics, and laws might affect you. Always stay ahead of the game and don’t let yourself be surprised.