The Black Friday Dilemma in Play

They started lining up at 3AM and at 6AM the doors fly open as the horde pushes through hunting for that one specific prize to be on sale.

Oops . . . someone just lost at playing Supply Chain Bingo and this has happened a lot in 2020.

You can find endless articles (Corporate Bottlenecks), helpful blogs (Five Common Pitfalls in Process Optimization), and academic studies telling us why things broke but the few tell you how to fix it.

However, a solution can be found in this White Paper where an international team describes technologies and best practices to automate the entire supply chain with an extensive look into the value of Hyperautomation.

We have successfully automated business processes in Europe, USA, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America with highly specialized and experienced professionals in industries such as banking, insurance, pharma, telco, higher education, and government operations.

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