The Most Difficult B2B Marketing Skill Sets to Hire For

A vast majority of B2B companies, around 92%, are finding it hard to hire great marketers. What skills are most desired in a marketer and difficult to find? It happens to be Marketing analytics according to a survey conducted by Spear Marketing Group

This is alarming information since business is coming to rely on their analytics not only for marketing but other aspects. An increasing number of business leaders (36%) say that they use analytics in their major decision making.

Marketing ops(47%) and demand generation(45%) are both difficult for businesses to find qualified marketers to fill these positions. Both of these are essential tools for a business to succeed in marketing wise. Demand generation has been growing a lot lately compared to other strategies like ABM.

Some of the issue with hiring could be attributed to companies now outsourcing their marketing needs, with 61% of respondents willing to hand it over to a third-party. For them, it’s more affordable and while this seems like a good idea in the short term it ends up lowering the markets skill sets.

Image Credit to Marketing Charts