The Multidimensional Shopping Cart Meets the Need for Multi-Location Customers

The Problem: Complex and costly to service large multi-location customers spread across diverse territories.

What was Needed: A solution that allows comparisons, multi-location orders, easy re-orders per location, and of course by SKU. This would reduce order time, minimize errors, and improve satisfaction with online fulfillment. You need a B2B online shopping cart that buyers can use to look across multiple locations, compare orders, ensure accuracy, and deliver to multiple locations in one cart.

The Answer: A unique B2B eCommerce Portal delivering a powerful and comprehensive Multidimensional Shopping Cart with functionalities that both simplify and accelerate your client’s ability to accurately purchase a large number of varied products for a large number of stores or locations, when each store is ordering products based upon their unique demand, usage, or customer set.

Case Study:

Magento Production Version Grainger

Superior B2B Walkthough