The Result of Leveraging Product Information Management with Business Process Management

In e-commerce, selling products requires a directed effort and collaboration with every department, channel and the entire supply chain.

But collaboration is more effective through Business Process Management, critical to assuring tasks are done smoothly, accurately and are in line with the organization’s online strategy.

Let’s get something straight, Workflow is not BPM! Gartner defines BPM as a discipline that uses various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, and optimize business processes. Workflow is a subset of BPM; it is more of how a task gets accomplished inside a set of processes. It takes BPM for a successful corporate collaborative process to operate.

The next thing to take control of is your data for real success in eCommerce. Data Management for eCommerce is the heart and soul of Product Information Management (PIM) which places the right product in the hands of your customers at the right time for optimized online sales.

Understanding that a PIM provides you that “Single Source of Truth” which is mandatory for all product, supply chain and customer related data, content and digital assets to effectively corroborate consistent, accurate and timely information across multiple channels such as websites, portals, web-to-print, catalogues, omnichannel ecommerce, mobile applications, newsletters, email marketing, social media, and kiosks. The benefits of a PIM tightly coupled with BPM will provide a much faster adoption and time of market, making an organization truly data driven. Success in your online business requires multiple, interconnected processes and BPM (not just a plugin workflow) drives those managing multiple workflows, notifications, forms, reports, and much more.

The result of Leveraging PIM with BPM delivers a centralized, consistent, and cost effective platform for an optimized digital platform for eCommerce success that promotes sharing content between internal and external team members. Everything your online customer experiences will be a result of a corporate wide collaborative effort, through automation, coupled with the technology of a product information management to drives processes that delivers your digital success.