Three Preventable Pitfalls Causing Low Sales Conversions

Who wins or loses in the online channel is determined by who best manages the shopping experience to make it seamless, fast and simple for everyone to find, compare, select then buy. Anything less and the customer leaves an empty shopping cart. The growing list of famous brands that are disappearing is evidence of their failure to react to this new normal.

Don’t be like one of those brands. When your boss finds out that 99% of your visitors aren’t buying … what are you going to say and do? Having the right answer to this question could save your job.

In this short video of a webinar recording by author and conversion rate optimization coach, Brice McBeth will provide answers as he reveals the top three crippling conversion mistakes along with how to fix them:

  •  Learn how your own social media efforts are shooting you in the foot
  • Discover how you appear not accessible or transparent … and why it matters
  • Realize how you’re killing conversions by not running A/B Split Tests
  • In a business where design reigns king, Brice discovered that slick & sexy doesn’t always sell.

Click here to watch and learn from Brice