What happens when you need to exchange data with suppliers or customers in different formats and structures?

The answer is Data Mapping. Data Mapping is about transforming data from one format to another. Not only from a different format (Excel, CSV, XML, SQL), but also from a logical viewpoint (different data models, measures, naming standards, etc.). All your data sources brought together. Perfion integrates, transforms, validates, and combines seamlessly into your existing IT landscape and ties all your data sources together. Which means that every person in your organization always has up-to-date product data at their fingertips.

Perfion includes a powerful Data Mapping Tool called Action that includes these Examples:

  • Select data from various sources:
    • Example: You need data from both sheet A and sheet B in an Excel file
  • Transform data to match your formats:
    • Example: Weight is in Ounces in the Excel sheet; Action transform it weights in grams.
  • Combine data:
    • Example: Product data from Excel sheet A is combined with Supplier data from sheet B
  • Map data fields:
    • Example: ItemNumber in sender’s data model is mapped to ID in receiver’s data model
  • Validate data:
    • Example: Exclude items with missing Item Number or invalid EAN code
  • Export or import:
    • Example: Import validated supplier data to Perfion or export validated Perfion data to an XML-file
  • Finish the task:
    • Example: Send or upload exported file to receiver. Move or delete source files from external folder

Also you will now be able to keep track of changes with the built-in logging functionality. Quickly see differences between products or versions, and copy changes back and forth. Perfion will allow you to review all changes made to the data in a special log. This is the place to go, if you want to view the history of any data or explore who-did-what-and-when. Right from the log, you are also able to restore previous values if a change was made by mistake or is deemed unnecessary.

With Perfion, you can easily manage product data across languages and channels, enabling you to focus on your core tasks and give your customers an excellent buying experience.

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