What Can You Expect from Implementing Predictive Search?

The result of Predictive Search produces suggested results that materialize immediately to interactively engage your online customer while typing into the search field.

A well implemented Search will display only the product information and images essential to the customer’s search. This makes the product selection process meaningful and produces a consistent digital experience by focusing search interface content and data to the minimum amount necessary to make targeted selection.

This process allows your online customers to convey and distill their search queries, keeping them in your webstore longer, and leading them to fill their shopping carts. Predictive search supports personalized suggestions for products, bundles, special offers, and relevant articles. Product suggestions of complimentary and associated products or variants are quickly displayed as a drop down from the search bar. This also allows them to browse search results without leaving the current page to see a separate list of search results.

An essential part of your plan is putting AI into Predictive Search. With AI-powered Predictive Search, recommendations are updated in real time, which can have a major impact on conversions and average order value.

While implementing Predictive Search, this is the appropriate time to review and be sure to follow User Interface (UI) requirements and best practices. This may involve how to display products, placement of the search field, and making a search experience accessible from any browser and mobile friendly.

We would like to share our proven Three Step Process to guide you toward your World-Class Predictive Search.

This YouTube Presentations will get you started: Predictive Search Overview

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